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The Neverending Necklace in India

It started in 1998 to become the world’s longest and most valuable necklace. It is made from beads, which people have dedicated to dear friends and family. The necklace is divided into sections, which are beautifully mounted on framed panels. All these sections draw much attention and admiration during events everywhere. 

The Neverending Necklace is a string of love and peace, and to remember a special person and show it to the world 
will make you and that dear one unforgettable. All your positive feelings for whom you dedicate beads to are manifested 
on that string. Its purpose lies in raising money for charity, but in a creative and meaningful way.




  1. Hi Kareline,
    It’s very interesting to know you’re working on this matter. I’m used to be a necklace collector! And I think it’s not as broad as other topics. Necklace might be general, yes, but what you’re working on is very clear: Reading the time from the necklace. And I find it’s quite specific and appealing.
    2 things I like best about your research:
    * The comparison of 2 portraits of 2 famous woman in 2 different eras. Liz Taylor, from what I know and love her, is a necklace addict. And you can find her legend of the Taylor-Burton diamond. It’s a very interesting story. You can read that story on
    Another good site to read might be:
    I have in my computer most of the well-known necklace design and photos of the stars wearing them. Please email me if you need. These files are quite big, but we can find out how to send if you need them.
    * Another thing I like about your blog is the cultural aspects of the necklace, how they are tight with the beauty concept of that particular culture ( your Indian and Thai entry is very interesting to read).
    I’m not sure about the gems and stones research. It might lead you to too many tracks to go ( as from what I find, stones and gemology requires in-depth research and we don’t have a lot of time for the project). Maybe gem is one of your sub-problem cuz they are timeless?
    Have you checked out the books in the library? We have lots of books on jewelry. There’s one you might have read, and very particularly helpful to you:
    (Lib call number)TT212.N367
    500 necklaces : contemporary interpretations of a timeless form

    —> I have read this one many times and it presents a wonderful collection.

    Other book I find also interesting is:
    (Lib call number) NK7303.G4L653

    A world of necklaces : Africa, Asia, Oceania, America : from the Ghysels Collection

    Hope these comments might help you something 😀

    • rainhoneystars
    • Posted February 12, 2009 at 5:32 AM
    • Permalink

    thank you. the books are pretty useful in my research. =)

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