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The charms and necklaces archive will have an ending soon. There were problems faced and there has to be a solution soon. Initially. it started as my deep interest in collecting necklaces. Then, it went to finding the meanings in the charms i love. Eventually, I explored into the meaning of charms or amulets used in many different countries. There is no definite answer in the actual working powers of the charms but they just make people feel safe. Perhaps, we all have a need sometimes to rely on a miracle to give us hope in times of despair. A collection is a treasure. To me but not to you. maybe to you but not for the same reason.

The main problem is letting people understand what I am thinking. I hope to make something that keeps my collection eternal and combining all my thoughts about superstition, psychology and design. A necklace is ideal solution. A chain is what I was thinking about when I wrote about the article of the “never-ending necklace”. My sub problems include the medium to bring across all the ideas and the final presentation. The answer should come soon. very very soon.



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