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My final possibilities. Only one really irritating problem. Housing the charms.


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  1. Hi Karenlin,

    I can’t wait to see your charms tomorrow, and I am afraid that my suggestion now may not come in time for your final, but still, here’s what I think. =)

    I personally share a liking for beautiful charm bracelet that has interesting charms of different shapes and colours, particularly also because of the interesting combinations of charms that are linked together on the same bracelet. Very often, these charms are linked together on the same chain perhaps with a common subject or topic of depiction. ie. I had a bracelet that is made up of all sorts of tea set, and my friend had one that has charms on Noah’s ark. My thought is that these charms all chained together for a common reason, or perhaps with a beautiful story to tell.

    Perhaps you can explore the story behind each charm bracelet or give people different sets of charm bracelets and get their response of the story that they can associate with the combination of the imagery of the charms on each chain.

    It never really strike me that the charm bracelet may consist of different energy and symbolism in a sense, but it’ll be interesting to learn about these different types of charms and their association, especially when I read about them in your archive. From what I learnt from your archive, just like crystals, and amulets, these charms are worn for a specific reason and it’ll be interesting to learn about the reason for people to put on certain charms and prevent some. I think the symbol that you are exploring on each charm is immense and thought provoking. Perhaps, your focus on the archive can be directed with the psychological hope wearing the charm and the physical action of actually believing and putting it on. The interest lies in what do people know about these charms that make them believe in the potential power these physical things contain. Will love to see your thoughts about this timeless collection, and I think it will be based on your personal beliefs and knowledge about these charms that you love and found so much interest in, which will make the archive interesting. Maybe you can think more about the narration of chaining your chosen charms together, the sequence, the arrangement, do they exist together as an entity, or are they just housed individually with no symbolic connection? How do we view it as never ending as well will be essential to find out, is it because it is chain in a loop? or is it because of the meaning that carries the charms out of their physical forms into metaphysical forms.

    I found some images of people housing their charms, though individually hung, the object that they are chained onto is interesting, and they are not just boxes to house these charms.

    Check out these images !

    Hope my thoughts help =) Looking forward to see your charms !

    Zi Rui

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