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finally, the archive fever exhibition and the opening of the time capsule. personally, i enjoyed the time capsule opening ceremony, especially zi rui’s potion drinking ritual. i seriously made a wish. hmmm. i am getting too superstitious. then again, i’ve always believed in the relation between superstition and our psychological reactions. that also explains my belief in charms and leading to my lucky charms chain book.

anyway, the final process is unveiled. sharing some photos of my archive.


the archive as such: the lucky charms chain book, comprising of a chain and charms.


img_52151my charms and chain book. the 2 sides, one showing the graphic, the other the charm. the charm is “housed” by a chain that can be unlocked by a hook, following the chain concept.




img_52221Featuring the title of the book. 


description of the book



img_52371book in the box


img_52391choosing a charm that you want and unhook to use it






the girls choosing the giveaway charms. some selected charms were chosen by me to be given away as part of the exhibition. this is my way of passing on the chain of luck, by following a chain. if they give the charms away to their friend, it forms a longer chain. this is significant because the charms were given away on the exhibition day hence it is symbolic. although i don’t know how they relate to the individual charm, but it was a part of my collection that was given away. hopefully after i die, it will hold a certain memory in every different person’s heart.


img_52571redesigned a more detailed poster for the archive fever. chose brown and orange for the main theme as i want it to complement with the color concept of my book. furthermore, brown and orange brought out the effect that i want for my timeless collections.



    • devilpenguin
    • Posted March 4, 2009 at 12:28 AM
    • Permalink

    I must thank you again for the charm! Your charms are really exquisite, I like them a lot! Hahaha!

    When did you reprint your posters? How come I didn’t see them? Haha. They look a lot better than the ones at the exhibition! :))) Firstly, the date and venue are added. Secondly, the inversion of the background and foreground colors works really well in bringing out the “charm” effect. The dark colored background makes it more mysterious. Hehe.

    And nice work making the book! At first I was worried how are you going to produce a book like that, but it turned out nice! Although the box makes the book a bit bulky, but it’s fine because that makes it special. I can imagine it being placed in a bookstore, and the shopper will be so excited to get home to open the box! But then again, maybe you could have included the book title or something on the box, otherwise we wouldn’t know what’s the book about if you hadn’t told us.

    Oh, did you forget to include your archive-as-such and the yummy donut time-capsule? It was so sweet of you! I was totally fooled that it was a real donut! Hahaha.

    Anyway good job! 😀

    • rainhoneystars
    • Posted March 4, 2009 at 5:12 AM
    • Permalink

    Hey Shu Yan, good that you like the charms. Carry on the chain!
    Yes, I reprinted after the exhibition. True, I thought the brown version was better in bringing out the effect I wanted better. Thanks for the comments. and yeah, updated donut photos. Sorry, was unable to retrieve them earlier. you may want to comment now that they’re up. 🙂 I’ll make one for your birthday then. by the way, I like the plate you made for alvin. it is cute.

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