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Yeah! A time Capsule by Karelin. The secret behind the donut time capsule.

In my sealed envelope written on 15.01.09, the initial motive in making the capsule, it writes:

“I hope to give this person something that will motivate the person, be positive!” (Since by the time the capsule is opened, SCHOOLWORK will be piling and piling and piling up………. CHEER UP!)


Brainstorming: I tried to imagine myself at the time when my schoolwork starts to pile up. What can I hope and want to make me feel better. Usually, I’ll try to drink more coffee to keep myself awake and eat snacks to keep my hands moving. However, too much food and coffee is still bad for health. Next, the objective should be meaningful and preferably close to the idea of the archive. Well, I decided that light represents hope. Next, a food replacement. Lastly, it should smell good. The smell of the food and the aroma that acts as a mood therapy. So, why not a candle holder that smells and looks like food.

So the donut process begins……….


02making the dough from white clay

03top of the donut


Coloring it!



09fresh from the “paint oven”! golden yummy brown.



11top and bottom completed!

12now…. the base to complete it.

13coloring the top









22of course, i need to gloss it up.



the almost completed donut

26completed! on a clean surface



img_5364lastly, strawberry essence to complete the donut, making it smell yummyyyyy.

In the complete package that was given to Jackie (unfortunately, I do not have those photos that captured her opening expression), I hope that she will be happy to have this candle donut holder during her time of study. The light brings hope, lighting and adding fragrance to her workspace.  

I feel that it is very important to stay positive and being motivated at times of stress. Therefore, though the candle only acts as a medium, it is similar to how I wear a lucky charm with me, when I feel insecure. I wanted to see how much the psychological mind can affect the actual mind. The use of donut, was simply one of the choices I could get from pastries. I wanted to use pastries to convey the idea because, pastries harden as time goes by, hence creating an illusion of the pastry into the time capsule being hardened.

Together with the donut, I left a note, “What you see may not be what you get, What you get is more than what you see.”. This is a general message to any finder that you may not get to eat the donut, but you get a donut candle that will give off light and smell infinitely, with refill. Furthermore, donut makes you fat and once eaten, it is gone forever.

From this idea, it will be good if I can make a candle for everyone, but given the amount of time, I was only able to make one. If I try to make changes to the size, the donut won’t look convincing. Therefore, only one donut was made. Well, I decided to dedicate it to Jackie then, as she seemed quite sad the few days that I saw her when I was creating the donut. Additionally, her sweetheart is not in Singapore this semester, so I hope a happy candle will be able to motivate during the exams.




Time Capsule . Defined .





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